#Phrases_and_Expressions Different Ways To Express Your Sympathy At A Funeral:1-I& #039;m Sorry For Your Loss2-I& #039;m Sorry About Your Lost3-You Have My Sincere Condolences To You And Your Family4-My Condolences5-You Have my Deepest Condolences To You And Your Family6-You Have My Deepest Sympathy7-I Share Your Sorrow8-Please Accept My Sympathy9-I& #039;m Truly Sorry To Hear About The Loss Of Your Father

don& #039;t see a resemblance to you like the sea.. with your calm and anger..In your magic and mystery, oh deep without decision..Oh magician, in my opinion, you are the deepest sea.The sea is a secret, but you! You are a world of secrets..Good night.. 💗

The deepest phrase I read: "There is good in every evil, no one knows but God."أعمق عبارة قرأتها: "هناك خيرٌ في كل شر، لا أحد يعرف إلا الله💙💜💙

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